Participation Guidelines

twofour54’s community, including it’s staff, partners, freelancers creative lab community members and their families are encouraged to register and participate on our campaign. Click “participate now” button below to register and volunteer! Once you’re registered, you can add your volunteer hours and share your story at any time to to the team tally, read stories of fellow participants, and watch the numbers go up as we move closer to our goal!

  • volunteer work can be done at any hours or time of the week
  • volunteer work can be done through any charitable entity of your choice, as well as with our chosen charitable organizations
  • volunteer participants are expected to submit their story of their experience once their hours are logged
  • volunteer participants should be from the twofour54 community; twofour54 staff / twofour54 partners / twofour54 freelancers / twofour54 creative lab members, family members are also welcome to join the campaign