Spending time with the wonderful children at the Special Care Center was the highlight of 2016.

Commitment and Dedication are the first words that come to my mind after today’s humbling and gratifying experience. Spending time with the wonderful children at the Special Care Center was the highlight of 2016.

I arrived early to the appointment and I got a chance to speak with Dr. Sharina Klaasens, the Executive Director of the Special Care Center. She gave me a brief history of the center and their future plans. She was very excited to tell me about their new premises that were recently built in Al Bahia region. However, she also told me about the challenges the Center is facing with raising funds and providing the necessary care for all the children, especially with the financial limitations they face.

Soon, we were told that the children were ready to see us. As I walked into the classroom, I was greeted by a group of the most well behaved children. Out of nowhere… I received the most amazing hug from one of the students. It was so heartwarming, I didn’t want to let go.  The children soon settled into their daily routine and were proud to show me their achievements whether it be a drawing they were working on, their numerical competency, or their musical talents.

Our next stop was meeting 3 of the senior students at the Center; a group of very poised, well spoken, handsome young men. They spoke with so much confidence and pride about their education and hobbies. They asked about twofour54 and what we do and were thrilled when I told them that we make movies; especially Bollywood movies. They were so excited  and couldn’t contain themselves as they recalled their encounter with their favorite Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. They spoke about a wide range of topics, whether it was their internship at Microsoft or their preparations for the big game of basketball later that night. Oh, and the fact that Michael Jordan is their favorite basketball player, but he has no chance against them!

As soon as the day started, it had to come to an end, so as not to disturb the children’s routine too much. We said our goodbyes, and as we were leaving, the Principal of the Special Care Center, who by the way has been working at the Center for over 25 years, said the most profound thing; she said… “we at the Special Care Center only concentrate on the children’s abilities; we don’t have disabilities here.”

God bless them all


Hussam Alnowais


November 23, 2016


Special Care Centre


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