Special Humans…

Not because they are individuals with special needs, but because of how bright, heartwarming and beautiful they are regardless. I have an aunt with Down Syndrome and she is one of the smartest most thoughtful people i have lived around, if i’m having a bad day, all i look forward is a hug from her and it’s all better.

Today was my very first time to visit the special care center in Abu Dhabi and it was certainly an unforgettable one. I was assigned to a class with boys, some of whom were autistic and others Down Syndrome. I loved how polite they were by introducing themselves and how old they were, their ages ranged from 10-15. We did some reading, drawing and crafts, some were so good at writing, others more artistic but each one of them had his own special thing about them. I brought in some snacks and chocolates to give during their lunch time, and the smile on their faces was just priceless. Just before I go, I gave each one of them a piece of paper to write/draw me something before i go, and i was surprised by how talented these human beings are. These kids might have weakness in some areas, but i do believe that when god takes something, he gives something better in return. The love, purity and comfort that those humans bring around, makes this life a much beautiful place. I look very forward to going back to visiting them again!


Hamda Al Yousef


April 11, 2016


Special Care Center


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