An Afternoon with Truly Special Girls

Ever since my course of Special Need Education back at university, I’ve been interested in learning about and interacting with such gifted people; This initiative that twofour54 has introduced to give 2454 hours of our time towards giving back was/is the perfect opportunity. Community service however, is not something we should wait on others to introduce or impose on us, rather is something we should do everyday, in little random acts of kindness.

For my bit of the day, I visited the Special Needs Centre in Abu Dhabi, and let me start by telling you… 2 hours are NOT enough! Time flew by as I worked with young ladies aged 17-22, and I couldn’t help but think how what these girls have given me during my couple hours with them, was far more that what I had given them!

I was teacher for the day, where we spent the afternoon decorating Mother’s Day cards using colored paper, felt, and even confetti. At first, the girls were shy and watched me work on a card, but later were eager to start cutting, gluing and decorating cards themselves, and were over the moon every time I expressed wowed and gasped at what they created.

The most heart-warming part of the day came towards the end just as I was about to leave when they all came to hug me and pose for a group photo; a couple also told me to come back again!

The things we can do for others, no matter how big or small, never go for granted. The girls definitely made me feel that way, and I will definitely be back again…


Alanood Lari


March 06, 2016


Special Care Center


twofour54 Abu Dhabi

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