“The Magic Meal” workshops

My name is Yara Radwan; I am a Doctor (MD, Damascus University, Syria) and a Clinical Nutritionist (MMedSci in Human Nutrition, Sheffield University , UK). I’m also a mother of 2 young children who are my inspiration behind this.

My passion for nutrition and healthy eating, especially in children, has led me to create the concept of “The Magic Meal” App which has been produced by the very talented team at creative lab, Twofour54.

The purpose of the app is to teach children about healthy foods while playing and having fun and it’s available to download for free in Arabic and English from the Apple Store.

I’m using my App as an educational tools and I have volunteered in some of Abu Dhabi’s primary schools and nurseries in addition to some festivals, exhibitions and fairs. I ran interactive workshops where I showed the children the story of the Magic Meal and then we worked together to design balanced and healthy meals so that the characters of the App can keep their super powers. I have really enjoyed the sessions and the workshops that I did in schools such as The Pearl Primary School, Oxford Nursery and Humpty Dumpty nursery. I have also participated in the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the Health and Fitness Fun Festival and Abu Dhabi’s international Book Fair. At the bookfair for example I did over 30 workshop for primary school children and it was very rewarding!

My vision is to be able to have an impact on many more children and their families and to motivate them to live a healthier and therefore a happier life.

The Magic Meal by Yara Radwan


Yara Radwan


February 01, 2016


schools, exhibitions and book fair


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